Maris (scarygibberish) wrote,

10 Favorite TV shows from 2018

tv in 2018

10. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Season 2)
still good but Palladinos wyd

9. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Season 3)
shit got real

8. Insecure (Season 3)
here for female friendship

7. One Day at a Time (Season 2)
woke and funny latinxs is where it's at

6. Lovesick (Season 3)
still great

5. Derry Girls (Season 1)
thank you Netflix for this gem I wouldn't have discovered otherwise

4. The Americans (Season 6)
for the finale everything was beautiful and everything hurt

3. GLOW (Season 2)
it found its footing and got even better!

2. Killing Eve (Season 1)
funny, intense and female fronted!

1. The Good Place (Season 2)
through all the plot twists it can be hilarious and heartwarming in such a way that ican't even express my whole love for it properly
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